Privacy Policy

We acknowledge your concern regarding your privacy while using our services. We have defined our privacy policy to ensure your personal details are safe with us.

  1. Your contact details are used only for the purpose of communication regarding your orders booked with us. These are not used for any other purpose.

2. All the contact details (email ids, phone numbers) are kept confidential with our company. These details are not shared with any third party.

3. The information related to Debit/Credit cards and Account information while making any transactions with us is kept confidential with our payment partners. We don’t get access to your Debit/Credit cards and Account information.

4.In case of any conflicts/claims regarding the order, we would need to share the communication details with our payment partners for resolving the issue. It will not be counted as breach of your privacy as it is a legal procedure which must be followed in case of any disagreement over the service provided.

5. The assignment solutions provided to the clients are not used for any other purpose and not stored on our server for more than 3 months.

6.We do not share your personal details with the experts (tutors) and vice versa. It is to ensure that privacy of clients as well as experts is maintained with us. We can get you connected with the experts to provide any clarifications regarding your order but we don’t share their contact details with the clients.

7.Our privacy policy is revised periodically. It is advised to visit this page regularly for any updates need on the same.